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He was thrilled when he spoke about Messi
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He was thrilled when he spoke about Messi
Lionel Messi 's contribution to Argentina 's World Cup title is evident in the number of goals, assists and match situation. Messi has been the lifeblood of the Argentina team for many years. He also took Argentina to the World Cup final with almost a single effort in the 2014 edition. But some young Turks have helped Messi on the way to bring the World Cup trophy to an end after three years of waiting. One of them is Enzo Fernandez .
Argentina started their World Cup mission in Qatar with a loss against Saudi Arabia . That loss is incredible. While there was talk of another failed World Cup for Argentina and Messi, Enzo Fernandez, who was behind Messi, made the most of his performance.
Fernandez scored in the second match of the group stage against Mexico. After that he did not have to look back. Throughout the World Cup, he has been a key contributor to Argentina's rise to the top. In recognition of which he won the World Cup's best emerging player award.
The World Cup also made Fernandez the most expensive Argentine footballer in the transfer market. The central midfielder joined Chelsea from Benfica for a record fee in the winter transfer. He is now the poster boy of Chelsea. Last night's Champions League last 16 match saw a small crowd enter the pitch for Fernandez at Stamford Bridge. Fernandez is still in awe of Messi even though he has become a prominent football player. In an interview, he said, "Whenever I talk about Messi, I feel a kind of tingling in my body."
Enzo Fernandez will always remember some of Messi's one-day words during the World Cup, 'Messi said something to the whole team after losing against Saudi Arabia. He said, now the party should be more united. No words are enough to praise Messi. He is the best ever.' During the World Cup, Messi expressed his assessment of Enzo Fernandez, 'I was actually not surprised by Enzo's game at all. I know him already, I see him practice every day. Now that he is getting so much praise, he deserves it. He is a great player.'

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